Clearance Is Crucial When It Comes to Storage

Standard residential garage door heights usually reach 7 feet tall or 8 feet in some cases. While this is fine for most cars and SUVs; modern trailers, boats, RV's, and even some trucks need more height than most garages offer.

Every Park Park Storage garage condo unit features garage doors with a minimum of 14 feet of clearance and up to 18 feet in some cases. That means any of our condos can easily accommodate the Minnesota highway maximum 13 feet 6 inch vehicle height.

The legal height for vehicles is 13 feet, 6 inches. The low clearance sign is used to warn road users of clearances less than 12 inches above this legal height. Clearance below bridges on freeways is typically 16 feet, 4 inches and for overhead mounted signs is 17 feet, 4 inches. (

Interior ceiling height varies by unit and location but our smallest units are 16 feet 6 inches tall. Enough to handle car/trailer lifts, mezzanines, or pallet racks. Call us today today for availability!