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Own your RV Access

RV Storage Condos For Sale Near You

Every condo is high quality and utility already, all that's left is to customize your space.

We have the most location options both near the cities and on the outskirts.

Our long standing relationship with the car community matters most to us, so we’ll treat you right.

Large Locations

At Park Place, we have plenty of units that will fit your RV safely indoors and also have plenty of space for your boat, sports car, or motorcycles.

Giant Garage Doors

Don't worry about clearance. We make sure every single unit has the largest doors possible so you always have room.


In addition to the many optional security measures we can provide, we also have staff onsite often and built in security measures to ensure you vehicles are kept safe.

Get a Garage Condo to Store Your RV

RVs are huge. Unlike your favorite motorcycle, you can't strategically park them in the corner of your garage. Without a condo, you're stuck parking them outside your house, cabin, or at your buddies property where the long Midwest freeze and mice get to damage it all winter long. But not when you have a better place to park.

Park Place Storage Helps You Own Your Access

Our units come in a variety of sizes, ensuring you always have space to park your RV inside year round so you never have to deal with unncessary damage from bad storage again. You own your unit, so whenever you want to take it out, the RV is ready for you and easy to get to with our large bay doors on every unit. Bringing it back muddy after a long trip? Hose it down in our Wash Bay at every location so you can put it away clean without dirtying your unit. 

One Man Cave for all of Your Toys

If you own a boat, car, or any other fun on wheels, we can help you get a unit that fits all of your toys so that everything is secure in one place. The best part? Next time you move your house, you don't have to wonder where all of the toys will go. You can sell your unit and buy at a location closer to your new home before or after you move house so you don't have to juggle everything at once but still get everything you need near you.

Start by scheduling a tour to see our RV storage condos

After years of working with the car community, we know what our clients want, need, and where they want to go, but you should see for yourself.

Start by scheduling a tour so we can answer your questions and show you the units in a location near you that fits all of your vehicles. Make sure to bring your RV’s measurements so we can show off a unit ideal for you. 

Next, we'll help you choose the right unit and start figuring out the financing, customizations, and closing dates.

Last, it's time to close on your property and start enjoying the Perks of parking at Park Place Storage.

We're here to help you own your access.

Your condo should be exactly that, yours.

After years of working with the car community, we know what our clients want, need, and where they want to go. We help you find a unit that works best for your needs and help connect you with the right contractors for any customizations so the space is exactly to your taste. We value trust, so we don’t take any kick backs from contractors or banks we know so we can give you our honest recommendation without any incentive on our end.

Park Place Storage keeps your vehicles
secure in a quality garage condo close to home.
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